Printer drivers do not support some functions of scanner

I posted this on the official Canon forum.

I have a Canon TS9120 printer/scanner.

The drivers for my printer and the Scangearmp2 only allow the creation of png and pdf files.

There is no provision to change the scan resolution.

Is there an update or plans to fix that ?

I have not heard back for 4 days.

How does it work with drivers for Linux users?

Is it up to the hardware manufacturers to write the code for the drivers in a Linux format?

Does Ubuntu play any part in the process?


You are being irritating about your scanner. Why didn't you repost under the post you started -

And by the way, did you not read the suggestions in the linked stackexchange question? Did you try any of them?

It is up to the hardware manufacturers to write code for their products and several of them are good at it. See Brother Printer/Scanner drivers.

Ubuntu (and ubuntu-mate) can only do so much. Drivers make their way into the kernel after several years - maybe.

I tried all of the suggestions
Sorry you are irritated.

I was not complaining.

I was showing a effort to help
Ubuntu users. There are other users with the same printer.

They will also benefit if Canon improves the drivers

I do my best.

Sorry to hear that none of the suggestions pointed to a fix Andy. I agree that it would be nice if Canon would improve their linux support. Good luck.

The printer scanner is way better than my old MG 2220.

I am thinking of disassembling it for electronic parts.

I am happy with it.