Printer Simultaneously Connected & Not Connected

My Brother HL-5370DW acts connected when I print from my Linux box and a Win 10 box. A second, Win 7 box, can see the printer, and jobs from it queue up, but the status ends with “Not Connected”.
These files begin (as expected) with “smb…”. While they’re unable to print, I can print from the Win 10 box without a problem. I seem to have Schroedinger’s Printer: it is/isn’t connected?

Now what?

Disregard the “Win 10 can print” comment. Of course it can - it’s going directly to the printer. Doh…

I just to add the printer, from the Linux box share, to the Win 10 box. The “add printer” routine doesn’t even see the Linux box. This isn’t a surprise. The basic issue is the subject of another thread.

For purposes of this thread, this one starts at “Linux box prints through Brother ptr, queued jobs from Win 7 think printer is disconnected”. And, of course, I rebooted - no change.