Printing problems

Good evening,

Ubuntu Mate (15.10) is great. I am a big fan.
I only have 1 problem : My printer does not work. It is a HP Laserjet P1102W. Could someone please be so kind to help me.

Excuses for any language-mistakes. English is not my mother-tongue (Dutch).

Thanks for any help anyway and have a nice weekend.

Eef, Veghel, The Netherlands.

I cant tell you how to install your printer in Linux. But, I do have a fall-back option if all else fails.

Install Virtualbox. Install an old version of XP/Win7 in Virtualbox. Set up a shared folder that can be used by both your Linux host and also the XP/Win7 virtual machine, Connect the printer to the XP/Win7 virtual machine while it is running. Install your usual windows drivers for the printer in the virtual machine, Then, whenever you need to print something form Linux, put a copy of the file on the shared folder, fire up your virtual machine and print it from there.

To write all of the above out, it sounds really complicated. but, it really isn’t. Once set up, it adds about 30 or 40 seconds to your print job. That’s all. It basically means there is no bar to using any so called “windows-only” printer with Linux.

A quick Google search on “hp laserjet p1102w ubuntu” gives some results. You can check the instructions given there:

Though they are for Ubuntu 14.04, they probably still apply to 15.10 (and likely most other distros as well).

Welcome! To use your printer under Ubuntu MATE, you’ll first need to download the drivers for your printer.

Luckily, someone else has already answered your question. Try one of these answers containing instructions:

If you get stuck, let us know and we can try and help you out. :smile:

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Thank you very much indeed. I will it.

Gr. Evert

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Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad