Problem installing FreeCad

I am new to Linux and Ubuntu Mate. So far it has worked well but when I tried to install FreeCad using Software a problem appeared. Software seems to have gone through the installation process and claims that FreeCad is installed but I can't find it on any menu and it doesn't start when I press the start button inside Software.
What has happened and how can it be remedied?

It seems Software installed just freecad-common.

My suggestion is to install freecad with just sudo apt install freecad

Thanks a lot. It worked, at least partially. I can now start freeCad from within software but I still don't find it in the menus. As it is one of my more frequently used programmes I'd like to pin it to the desktop.

I installed freecad on my 20.04 system.

I had to logout/login, freecad appears in the Applications > Graphics menu

Thanks, now it works the way it should!

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