Problem with System Freezing

Have been running Ubuntu Mate 20.04 quite happily for several months but have now got a problem which I cannot resolve!
Every time I switch the computer on I get an "Authentication Required" message - the login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer.
In addition, once logged in the system freezes for no apparent reason (hard drive access indicator on constantly) and the only way I can get out of the loop is to power down.

Hi @teal :slight_smile:
Sad to hear you have issues running UM.
About the keyring, is this enabled inside startup applications ?

About the freezes, what is your CPU and RAM setup ?

Hi Olek
Yes, it is enabled inside startup applications.
CPU = Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400 CPU @ 2.90GHz
RAM = 16GB

Nice setup :slight_smile:

I guess it will not be that your computer is to slow :slight_smile:

Are you able to switch to text mode (Ctrl + Alt + F1), login and run a htop to see what is loading your machine ?

Maybe also to check your disk - if it is a old HDD, you can run a SMART test in gnome-disks.

Do you use auto login ? This could be the reason why the keyring ask to type your password.

This other topic sounds uncannily similar to the issue at hand right now:

In other words, it might be caused by something as unlikely as the clock applet on the panel. Read further into the thread and it'll tell you how to remove the one clock applet and add a less-buggy one.