Problem with system tray

A problem has just started happeing for me with indicater applet. i am running ubuntuy mate 14.04 32 bit. Baically, every time i log on the applet crashes and has to be reloaded when it is, guake only appear some of the time and sometimes not. similarly for skype and firetray addon for thunderbird.

I have systermatically removed each of the above in turn from loading at startup and it is making no difference to the crashes of the applet at startup. I have also removed and reinstated indicator applet complete. Again, no difference.

Any ideas anyone?

Actually, I got that wrong. It’s the notifications area. If I reload it, then I get two sound icons. One on the indicator applet complete and the other on the notifications

Okay, the double sound icon problem seems to have resolved itself with a reboot. But the notifications area is still crashing and having to be re-loaded every logon.

It is happening to me too . So this might be a bug . After all Ubuntu Mate is still in beta .

I’m not on 15, I’m on 14.04 LTS 32 bit. However, I’ve fixed it by taking the notifications off the panel for the moment and just leaving the indicator applet complete. Guake still works with F12 even though I cant see the icon. Also, I just have a static icon for Skype on the panel for the moment and load it form there isntead of it autoloading at login.

@stevecook172001 This is due to the new GTK2 release. I backported it to the crazy-mate PPA because I had a hunch the new GTK was breaking 15.04. Turns out I was right, because the new GTK2 now causes 14.04 to exhibit the same issues.

For 14.04 users, use ppapurge to remove the ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/crazy-mate PPA and you’ll be back in business.

For 15.04 users, the Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu teams are progressing this issue.

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Cheers Martin. All fixed now.

For clairity, for other i386 users who may be experiencing this problem, you need to install ppa-purge with the following command:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

Then run the command:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/crazy-mate

Notifications will then work properly again from that point.

I’ve moved the package out of that PPA now. Issue is confirmed by Ubuntu devs. New package is coming to to 15.04 soon.