Problem with this site's page scroll function

As per title. If I am on a given topic page and use the right hand scroll-bar to scroll to the top of the page, as soon as I reach the top, the page jumps back down about a quarter of the page. It doesn’t matter if I use the arrow button to scroll back up or if I use the mouse and scroll-button at the side. Same problem. The only way to avoid it is to scroll back up VERY slowly and then the problem does not happen.

I should say, I am using Firefox and I only experience this problem on this site. Anybody else experienced this?

I have not experienced this. Sure its not the mouse? I use the touchpad on the laptop 99.9% of the time. Dont seem to have the problem on the desktop machine either,

No, it’s not just the mouse because it also does it if I scroll up to the top quickly with the keyboard direction buttons

the only plugin i use is adblock

I have not experienced this either. Any forums powered by Discourse work very well. I can only suggest trying the Home key to jump directly to the top, just as another observation.

You could try logging in as a guest session and trying Firefox on there. It would show whether it’s a profile issue or something systemwide.

It’s not a profile problem as this issue has been present through several re-installations of ubuntu mate, and then Ubuntu studio with Ubuntu mate over the top. All of which leads me to speculate it is either something specific to this site, something specific to Ubuntu Mate as it interacts with this site, or something specific to my hardware in conjunction with the other two variables. I should also say, it does not happen ubiquitously either. Rather, one in, say every 1/2 dozen or so pages on the site. Usually pages inside a thread as one tries to scroll back to the top of the page in order to access the whole of the menu on the green section. You may notice that as soon as you start to scroll down a page, the green section at the top reduces in vertical width in order to hide the “main site - community - IRC - issue tracker - donate” menu. However, when you scroll back to the top of the page, the green section increases in width again and the menu becomes visible again. It is the point at which this menu becomes visible that the page suddenly jumps back down to the point just immediately prior to it becoming visible. Meaning, it becomes effectively impossible to access the menu. The only way, as I said, to get round this problem is to scroll up the page VERY slowly. In which case, the problem does not occur.

This is not specific to the mouse and it is not specific to profile. However, it is specific to this site as I have never experienced it on any other website.

[quote="stevecook172001, post:7, topic:1506"]
something specific to this site[/quote]
Perhaps this is a problem with any Discourse sites in general that use a "collapsed" layout, or it could be something specific to the Ubuntu MATE Community. is similar, as the panel at the top hides when scrolling down. Does it occur there too?

To be sure if it's not another package on your system causing this unwanted behaviour, I can only suggest testing a live CD/USB of Ubuntu MATE on the same hardware, and see if it continues.

If it still happens in a fresh environment, then it might be ideal to share your hardware specifications and which version of Ubuntu MATE you're using. If it doesn't happen there, then we've narrowed down there's a problematic package on your system.

What about other web browsers, do you have any others installed you could check?