Problems I'm having with MATE 16.04

These are some problems I’m having with UBUNTU MATE 16.04 64-Bit.

A few times a day I get the Ubuntu experienced an internal error message it does not crash my system or seem to effect anything but it means something has gone wrong and is not a good sign.

Sometimes programs will close unexpectedly and I will have to click Relaunch.

When I had Virtual Box running and resumed from my system being suspended the video was messed up and the button labels (When you hover the mouse pointer over a button) did just showed up blank with not text in them and when I went to Printers the names of the printer was blank so I did not know which printer I was selecting.
Vmware Player and Workstation will not run, they just act like they going to launch but then never come up or even give an error message.

When I did a Switch User and logged back in the Mouse Pointer disappeared and I had to do a Ctrl Alt Del and wait for it to shutdown automatically after 30 seconds…

There’s a Launchpad Bug related to mouse cursor and Intel Graphics. A workaround for me was launch a terminal and issue a command - ls-al for example.

Perhaps the video being messed up is also a symptom of above.

Hi @daldude,

have you run a full system update?:

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Some things I would try:

  • disable the default compositor (Marco ) from the Control Center -> Mate Tweak, I saw some screen artifacts
  • disable Compiz if you enabled it, same as above
  • apport will complain sometimes about errors that are not really affecting anything, you could disable it and it won’t report any longer such errors, not recommended but it does not hurt, I always even remove it from my older systems, from terminal:

sudo systemctl stop apport.service

will stop the service

sudo systemctl disable apport.service

will disable it to boot

I believe there a selector area when apport reports recurring failures not to be notified.

Disabling apport completely will deprive development team of valuable information when new failures occur.
sudo systemctl disable apport.service
####This action is highly discouraged

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That is why I said it is not recommended but on some older hardware it just was always reporting useless errors and if you do not send your data anyway to the project I see no use in it.

But you are right.

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If the bug has been reported you can always use the “ignore” option.