Problems with WiFi and networking on Pi3

I have a number of problems with WiFi on my Pi3 running 16.04

  1. Only channels 1-11 are found by iwlist wlan0 channel. Under Raspbian I get 1-13 by setting WiFi Country (this sets country=AU in wpa_supplicant.conf).
  2. (Solved) My WiFi does not start unless I connect a screen and login, but I often want to use ssh headless.

I could make a stab at this myself, but I cannot find where network settings are stored.
man wpa_supplicant.conf describes this, but /etc/wpa_supplicant/ does not contain any .conf files.

What networking system does Ubuntu use?

Ubuntu MATE uses Network Manager and it has a terminal configuration utility called nm-cli

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I finally discovered where settings are stored by NetworkManager:- under /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections.

I also found where to set WiFi country in /etc/default/crda REGDOMAIN=