Provide user privilege to mount disk

I have installed a new non-boot HDD for use by a user (non superuser) of the system. I thought adding the user to the Disks group would provide that privilege, but that did not work. What is the proper way to give a non super user the privilege to mount a non-boot HDD?

I always Install arios automount. It will just automount all drives, both external and internal at boot, without having to touch fstab and without root access. You will still need to have your permissions set on your folders and files inside the drives. But the drives themselves will be mounted and ready to go.

You can get it here:

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Sounded like a good solution, however, at boot now the user is prompted for the superuser password during boot to authenticate mounting.

You already have Disk Utility installed, why not use it to automount?


Thanks! That was the solution. And so simple.

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Glad you got it sorted. To be honest, that is the first I have ever heard of arios automount requiring a password.