Pulse Audio chops out and eventually dies on lenovo T61

Hi all,
I am having issues with pulseaudio, I can be watching a youtube video or even M4v files on my Lenovo T61 and the sound starts to chop and eventually stops. Sometimes it seems to bring the laptop to a screeching halt and other times I can force reload the module with sudo alsa force-reload I have also done a remove -purgeand that did not work…

Has anyone else experienced this issue, any suggestions… I’m guessing it started about a month ago.

Are you getting your audio via HDMI?

Have you also installed the codecs package for Ubuntu?:

Via the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t):

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

no, using USB headphones and normal headphones.

no quite sure why adding restricted extras would help when it WAS working fine before a point in time … thanks for the suggestion :slightly_smiling:

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The only reason I ask is because, in all variants of Ubuntu, I have been experiencing problems with audio when I pump it out through HDMI to my LCD television (Which I am using as a monitor). My solution has been to attach a set of ordinary speakers and change the output to that instead of HDMI, which solved the problem

Try installing the package “paman” (Pulse Audio Manager) which (imo) offers better setting options for sound:

sudo apt-get install paman

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