Pulse effects equaliser not working in 20.04lts

Having upgraded to 20.04lts the equaliser in pulse effects is not working although most of the other effects seem to be OK. The switch that turns it on will not slide over. I`ve trawled around the forums and google but cannot find a fix for this. Although its not a deal breaker it would be nice to tinker around with the sound settings

In order for he EQ to work in pulseeffects, you need the lsp-plugins package as well.
sudo apt install -y lsp-plugins
Mentioned it here by the way. It's the second result when searching for pulseffects in this forum. Also mentioned on their github as well, in the plugins list required for all effects to work.

Enjoy your software.

Followed your suggestion and still no equaliser i`m afraid. It creates a menu as long as you arm in Sound and Audio but that's not what I want. I just want the sliding fader style to work in pulse effects.

Reply to self,

It is working after a reboot,

sudo apt install -y lsp-plugins