Queries regarding Ubuntu-Mate

I have queries regarding the Ubuntu Mate .
Actually i have installed Ubuntu LTS 20.04 in the Laptop but it has many bugs and there community page is also not that active. So i want to install Ubuntu Mate .
So can anyone please Guide me through the installation from Ubuntu to Ubuntu Mate ..
And also does Ubuntu Mate support Visual Studio code..
As iam web developer and my main IDE is VS Code.

Installing multiple desktop environments on the same install is generally not the best way to start with Linux except if youre looking for troubles.
You should install Ubuntu MATE the way you installed Ubuntu.
Ubuntu MATE is the same distro as Ubuntu. Only differences are the desktop environment and the default installed software.
It of course supports the same software.

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Thanks for the help .

I have ubuntu 20.04 LTS desktop on one PC and ubuntu MATE 21.04 on another (scratch) PC. Both distros work extremely fine - indeed, I tried ubuntu 21.04 on the scratch PC and it failed miserably to load but MATE was a cinch, is very stable and a joy to use.
Very much a personal choice imo.

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Yes and iam loving the community here ..
So active


Is this suppose to happen ..
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