Questions about btrfs and Mate

I had two pairs of disks that I made into two btrfs file systems: videos and videos_backup. One disk in videos went bad so I edited fstab to mount videos_backup as /mnt/videos until I could get a new disk. I used by-uuid in fstab to identify the disk(s). So mount shows /mnt/videos but on my Desktop, I see videos_backup. I found where I could remove that icon but I'm worried why is it called videos_backup instead of videos? Do I need to rename it as with perhaps this:

sudo btrfs filesystem label <mountpoint> <newlabel>

I purchased a new disk and want to create a btrfs file system with the new disk and mount it, if it is plugged in as /mnt/videos_backup. I think I know how to do that once I understand why the icon on the Desktop is named videos_backup and how (if possible) to change it to be just videos