Random: nonblocking pool is initialized

Hello everyone,

I want to be a new Linux user, and I want to try Ubuntu Mate in my Raspberry Pi 2. But I have problems in the installation. I have formatted the SD (Kingston SDCX10/64GB) and I’ve written the image with the recomended software. Then I insert the SD in the Raspberry and I power on. In a few seconds the boot process stops with this message: “random: nonblocking pool is initialized”.

I looked for this message in Google but I didn’t find anything.

I have been using the Raspberry Pi as mediacenter with Openelec without any kind of problem. So I undetstand the cables, power supply,… are OK. Only the SD is new in this configutation, but I read that is compatible with the Raspberry.

Any suggestion?


I found this



I’m not a Pi user, but thought it may help :slight_smile:


Finally I can confirm that the problem was the SD card . The SD card works fine in other devices but seems that is not compatible with the Raspberry.

I have installed the Ubuntu Mate with another SD card.

Thanks v3xx for your help.

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Good Morning,
I have the same problem, but i don’t understand what kind of different SD carD I need to bay.
My card is a Kingston 16 GB class 10 SD card
what is necessary different…?

Hello paolottino78,

In this link there is a list of tested SD cards:


I don’t know why but there are some SD cards that doesn’t work in the Raspberry Pi.

I hope this help you. I use this list to buy a SD card for my Pi, and the new SD works perfectly. I recommend you to buy a high speed SD (class 10).


just figured I would post as to why I recieved the error… I pluged everything in and followed the instructions to the letter, except that I grabbed the wrong Raspberry PI and was trying to place the code on my V1.2 B+ instead of my version 2 because they look nearly identical. if you are getting this error you could accidentally be using the wrong model number of raspberry pi.

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