Raspberry, is this true?

Recently we've received this new about Raspberry:

Uh, please tell us won't repeat never again.

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This can be seen as evil if you dislike Microsoft/people adding third-party repos without your consent.
However this does not concern Ubuntu MATE :ubuntu_mate: .

Hi Utsuro,
Without confusion, it's just one more free comment. It sure doesn't concern Mate, but it does concern whoever uses Pi.

I moved this to the Uncategorized Category, one that welcomes other topics related to Ubuntu, computing and the Linux ecosystem and of course free comments like yours. You posted it first in the Thoughts & Feedback category which concerns thoughts and feedback about the distribution (=Ubuntu MATE), hence my sentence.

Anyway, let's hope this problem will bring more users to Ubuntu MATE.
Alan Pope made a blog post about the issue as well.

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It would've been less controversial if they added the repository for new images only, since it's pretty trivial to delete /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vscode.list if one doesn't want this repository.

The way they forced this default to everyone was sneaky though -- by running an postinst script for one of the packages -- someone on reddit found the culprit: