Raspberry Pi 16.04.2 Image Not Found

It seems like both downloads (torrent & direct) for raspberry pi end up showing the “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?” 404 page.

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+1 Same experience here. Gave a donation via PayPal on the download path and then no download…stuff happens.

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I can confirm this. Thanks for reporting this issue.
@Wimpy, @lah7, highlight.

Sorry about that :frowning: It’s not the first time they wandered off. This was because we moved our repositories to GitHub very recently, and the continuous integration system hadn’t linked up the Raspberry Pi downloads.

I’ve manually restored them (but we’ll need to look at the issue at hand when @Wimpy is about)


Thanks lah7, works here.

It’s all good, the root of the problem has been fixed. :wrench: :thumbsup:

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