Raspberry Pi 2 clones vs Ubuntu Mate?

GPIO pins, from everything I've read, only the Raspberry has working pins. Regardless if it is heard wear or software is beyond my knowledge, and my interests. From what I have been able to dig up, others have only been able to get the GPIO project pins to work on the Raspberry. Any updates, or progress?

Linux, well, some have found annoying glitches with various distros on the different clones, however I've read nothing regarding Ubuntu Mate (The distro I want to use).

Why am I looking. After a few months of trying to get the Rasberry Pi2 to play a youtube vid smoothly, I've discovered quite a few major limitations in the heard-wear design that will never let it do that. After watching a few 360p vids back to back, it's 1GB of ram fills up and the Pi2 locks up solid, it needs more RAM. The front end is limited to a single USB channel as the FSB, and that can not handle the bandwidth of a Tbase100 Ethernet connection and a Stereo 16bit 44.1kHz Sound Device at the same time. Also the 900MHz quad-core Arm7 dose peek out quite often, tho it is not pegged solid 100% load watching 360p tiny-window Youtube vids, so the CPU can stand to be faster. It just can't do it.

What I'm looking for. Quad Core Arm at least 1GHz Arm7 (Over a GHz ARM would be better), and 4GB of RAM. At least three USB ports (Sound dongle, Keyboard, and Track Ball), assuming it has a Tbase100 Ethernet connector on-board (I have no interest in WiFi). I have located quite a few units ,Most of them I would need to import into the US from other countries, so there not cheep.

Most of the reviews out there on the Pi2 clones, is for Android. No offense intended, Android is a lot better then win8 or 10, lol. Tho If I was interested in a cellphone interface, I would have windows 8 and 10 floating around here. I do not want a cellphone interface, I want a real desktop, the biggest reason I'm interested in Linux, and why I like Ubuntu Mate so much.

So. Dose anybody have any of these Raspberry Pi2 clones (Including ones I may not have heard of), that knows if Ubuntu Mate and Firefox works well on them? What Pi clones dose the Arm7 port of Ubuntu Mate support without resorting to kernal re-coding origami?

ODROID-XU4, do the USB 3.0 ports work with USB 1.0 keyboards and mice, and dose it run Ubuntu Mate? Do any of the SolidRun quad-core-Arm 4GB-Ram units have three or more USB ports, and run Ubuntu Mate? There are quite a few 2GB ram units as well, tho I have doubts about it being enough Ram for a singly Firefox window watching Youtube vids, and some of them have conflicting stats on the amount of RAM. Odroid, Orange, etc.

Odroid XU4 comes with Ubuntu Mate 15.10, USB 1.0 keyboard should just work
I wrote a small review here:

The XU4 also runs Debian 8 but I don’t know if wiringpi has landed in this Debian 8 port:

GPIO’s on the XU4 need a level shifter board because the voltage is just 1.8 Volt.
This wiringPi port can support XU4 as well as C1+ (needs no level shifter)
The Odroid XU4 can play fullHD 1920x1080 youtube videos in the Chromium browser when using the flash video format with the pepperflash browser plugin.
Some benchmarks including the Pi 2 and the upcoming Odroid C2:


Thanks very much.
Looking at the review now. A tad obnoxious having some thing blocking the scroll bar, tho that is the website and not your doing. The translation is good and understandable.

GPIO, so there has been some progress since all the posts I was able to find (all from last year). That is good. Buffers from 3.3v to 5v is also need for many things, so I don’t think it is a major disadvantage, and possibly beneficial for some things.

USB 3.0 vs 1.0, I had doubts, because Amazon offered me a bundled USB hub with the Raspberry Pi2 kit, only to find out that the 3.0 hub did not work with the raspberry. And in the past, I have had some PC motherboards that did not work with a keyboard plugged into particular USB ports. Good to hear that has improved as well, for the mice/keyboards.

Ubuntu Mate vs ‘Clones’. I found one source for the Odroid XU4, however it is only the power supply and the board. No case, no SD card, etc. So that one clearly comes with no OS at all, and it would be up to me to find and load the OS onto a SD card for it.

Granted I was in Augsburg (Reese Kaserne) back in 1979, I was only 3 years old back then and my German is limited to possibly five words, lol.
Danke schön.

Yes - you need to flash the OS for the XU4 yourself to SD or eMMC or you order a pre-flashed eMMC from pollin.de.
I forget to tell you one drawback of the XU4, it has a fan which can be noisy.

I was just looking at the eMMC things at ameriDroid.
What is up with the color dots? is the red one faster then the blue one, lol. The product description is quite lacking on many pages, and I'm not seeing any Ubuntu Mate ones there (just Lubuntu and Xubuntu).

The fan, well, without going to far off topic for this forum. I was looking at the mount pins for the heat-sink, and thinking it was similar to some PC north bridge coolers. And I have a few very evil coolers floating around with heat-pipes and copper stuff. So I'm thinking about what kind of overkill options can work on this thing. It dose have a thermal control on the board for the fan and I'm guessing it is like the CPU fan on some motherboards that will not power up if it is unplugged, so I'm not sure I want to mess to much with that. I'll deal with that after I hear the fan.

This Wiki has some more info:

Digging around a bit more, this is a perfect example of what I do find, whenever ‘Mate’ is mentioned.
The last post was December 14th last year, and is of little assurance to me. Without trying to sound to much like Colonel Ellis from SGA, the thread was not updated at all with any hint of or lack of progress. And the product OS list for the XU4 still dose not list Mate, only Ubuntu.

And it is not just the Odroid XU4 that has posts like that all over the net.

(the Ellis reference if you never watched SGA)
ELLIS: Well, sounds like the perfect time to finally use that killer program you’ve been working on, Doctor.
(Rodney’s eyes widen as he tries not to look panicked.)
McKAY: Yeah(!)
ELLIS: Remember when you said all you needed was ten hours to finish it?
McKAY: … Vaguely.
ELLIS: Well, it’s been ten hours … and a week. Are you finished?

In all fairness, I do know these things take time to work out all the bugs, and I’m not needing it this instant. I’m mostly asking what the options are available for running Mate on Raspberry pi2 clones.

Do you like this video ? It shows Mate 1.8.2 running on Odroid XU3.
All software running on the XU3 runs on the newer XU4.

OK, so that is for the XU3, and hypothetically it works on the XU4 GPU all fine and dandy, if only in partial ‘Legacy mode’ for the former Odroid PGU.
“1080p was basically a slide show, and audio had clicks&pops.”
I have similar issues on the Raspberry Pi2 with anything over 360p, this is not encouraging at all. Watching any of EEVblog’s vids on the Pi2 is just painful, lol.

Thank you so much peba. The Odroid XU4 is so incredibly impressive. 480p vids without any problems. I’m just playing with getting it to run a tad cooler at the moment.

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Please read the Ubuntu Mate release release note for the XU4, there is described how to setup the XU4 for the best user experience with the Chromium browser.
If you enable flash video for Chromium than you can watch 1080p Youtube videos without issues.
XU4 Cooling with a Noctua fan:

I have not gotten to fixing 1080p vids quite yet. I’m still fussing with coolers using the stock linux image, lol.

I have some doubts about that particular fan and if it is going to be good enough for ‘Heavy crunching’ loads. It is not doing much better with temps at full speed with 480p vids, then the stock cooler dose on the temp-throttle thing. I have a few plugs on order that will allow me to plug the Noctua into the same plug as the stock cooler to confirm that. As for now tho, the Noctua is only quieter with less airflow capacity then the stock cooler. If you have a larger heat-sink it may be perfectly fine, however not as a fan-swap for the stock cooler.
I do have another fan and some heat-sinks on the way, so there may be more options for the Noctua fan.

B.T.W. Agreed with Chromium on a SBC, Firefox is just so slow to respond to clicking stuff. The stock XU4/XU3 image comes with Chromium by default, and recently an update to Chromium broke it and I discovered just how bad Firefox was, lol.

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This Alu cases would allow passive cooling for the Odroid XU4