Raspberry PI 3 Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Emergency Mode every time

Have (2) Raspberry Pi 3 's Neither will run Ubuntu 15.10.3. It goes through the setup fine but the upon the next boot I get the emergency recovery mode 99% of the time. When MATE does run it shuts down on it’s own within 30 seconds.

I use an external 2 amp power supply not USB, only a USB keyboard, mouse, and monitor are plugged in. I have tried installation on a 8gig (4) and a 16gig (10) which makes no difference. The img is created using Win 32 disk imager.

I just loaded RASPBIAN and it comes up, but the Pi3 resets itself after about 30sec to a minute. I wonder if I need a 2.5 or 3 amp supply. One on order.


From what I've seen, emergency mode is usually caused by some sort of corruption - either a faulty download, a damaged card, inadequate power supply or the tool used to write the image to the card.

For checking the download is intact, run a SHA256 checksum and compare it matches:


Roger that, although MATE does work just fine with my Raspberry Pi 2B.
Done this 12 times, I will try the checksum.