Realtek rtl8188ee Problem

Hello i have a weird problem with Ubuntu MATE 15.04 on my toshiba c55 laptop with the rtl8188ee wireless adapter. Since im am very new to linux i don’t know whats going on. The problem is that i can’t connect to my school’s internet or my friends house internet i can only connect to my home internet without a problem. On my schools internet i enter the correct pass phrase and it connects and it reconnects asking me for the right password again, same problem with my friends house. This is very annoying and even upgrading my kernel to verion 4.0.0 generic and also updating my wireless drivers to the one on freedomsbens github. still no fix to this issue. ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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I had that same laptop. I finally bit the bullet and swapped the card out with an Intel card I bought off Amazon for around $10.00.

I realize that doesn’t really help you, but that Realtek card is nothing but a flakey, connection dropping PITA under Linux.

Here’s the one I bought.

The C55 only has one internal antenna lead, but this card will work far better than what you have, even with only one antenna connected :smiley:

@ieh actually bought my C55 with the Intel card in it, though I don’t know if he actually uses the wireless.

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If you can connect at home, what security are you using there as opposed to your school and friends house, the standard today is WPA2, they may be using something else like WPA1 or even WEP?. :smiley:

I haven’t taken a look at the hardware, but I found that when I reboot, I had to use the function (Fn) keys to turn the wireless nic off and back on before it’d connect. But I’m plugging in using a CAT5 cable now, so haven’t bothered trying to fix :slight_smile:

You know, I had forgotten about that.

That’s not hardware related, it’s (if memory serves) a regression in the 3.19 kernel affecting some Intel cards. I recall it happening to me, one in maybe 10 boots with the 15.04 flavors.