Rearranging applications on the MATE dock is cumbersome

The only way to rearrange applications in the MATE dock right now appears to be right click => move left/right => right click => move left/right => … etc. … and it takes forever if you have a lot of applications in your dock.

There should be some kind of “move” mode where moving the mouse left/right would change the icon position until you click the mouse to confirm it, or maybe some drag-and-drop rearranging.

Btw. I am not referring to the “quick-launch” icons, but strictly to the dock.


yeah i agree, it’s far from perfect - but it’s all we’ve got at the minute in MATE land, and we didn’t even have that until a few months ago.

you could try contacting the applet author direct via his github page - he seems quite open to suggestions.

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I’m pretty new to MATE and I’m not quite certain I’m following here.
Are you referring to something native to Ubuntu MATE 16.04, or an add on?


At least in Ubuntu MATE the dock is included by default, though not visible in the default layout (Mutiny uses it, as far as I know). You can add it to the panel via right-click => Add to panel … => Dock .

Actually there is already an open issue for this on the github page:
However it seems the switch to GTK3 has to happen before this is implemented due to currently broken drag-and-drop support in Python for GTK2. Anyway, good to know this is coming eventually.

Thanks for that! I configured Plank and find it just what I needed!

I’ll experiment with dock.