Recover default list of panel layouts in Ubuntu 19.10

How come I see only two choices in panel layout combo-box inside tweak window ? I did remove many packages to speed up my machine, but I want to use again munity and try also other layouts if possible ?

If you disabled or removed any of the following, you will need to reinstall them to get MATE-tweak to display the desired panel layouts.

  • indicator-application
  • indicator-datetime
  • indicator-messages
  • indicator-power
  • indicator-session
  • indicator-sound

Hopefully you kept a list of what you removed to "speed up" your machine.


OMG the culprit was the evil indicator-datetime that was purged automatically while removing evolution, and now reinstalling it is forcing me to install some various evolution, weather, phone numbers, books and geo libraries !

Once you've restored the packages, you can just load Mutiny or whatever layout you end up choosing, replace datetime with the old clock, and save that as a custom layout. Once that's done you should be able to remove evolution again without any problems.

As far as "speeding up the machine" goes though, you're not really saving much CPU by purging evolution. It does spawn a whole bunch of processes that serve no purpose unless you're actually USING the thing, but the CPU load from them is basically zero. Not wanting to waste memory on them, or have an expanded surface, or etc, may all be valid reasons depending on your setup, but CPU is probably the least "needed" reason to get rid of them.

Bro, that is clever solution :wink: , really thanks :slight_smile:
My problem with Evolution is those for processes that consume 150MB without any configured account

You're welcome. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Evolution's bulk even when you weren't using it at all was a big problem with it back in the GNOME 2 days, especially since "older HW" then often only had 512-1024 MB. 61MB for "alarm notify"? Seriously?!

It's not necessarily that those devs are the ones to blame though: sometimes you don't have the option in the first place because of a library that you use. So I'm not going to rag on them too hard, even if it seems like you could do the same job in less than a screenful of shell script.

BTW: f you've never seen any, take a look at what the demo scene can do in 64KB. It's pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

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