Recovery mode language issue?

I was trying to follow a good advice and now here is another awkward issue:

Grub looks as usual, but soon as I go to Recovery mode I see this:

I can guess lines order, so I go further:

And then it tries to talk to me in russian! I'm, honestly say, very pleased, but I can't change keyboard layout in command line to respond =)) moreover if text in general is ok, short responses don't make any sense

Situation doesn't change if I try to use recovery mode for different kernel

I have not even a single menu translated in UI but why there this such an effort in options that regular user will never ever use in it's life?)

HI @Diplomat,

what version of UM are you using?, what graphics card do you have and did you install any graphics card drivers?.

Have you tried running “dpkg” (network cable connection required) from the recovery menu?. :smiley:

See the update guide for possible solutions:

I’m assuming that you’re trying to start the recovery mod in russian? If so, the issue il likely that the font used for the description only has latin characters, so it replaces the ones it doesn’t have by squares (you’ll probably have the same issue if you start the recovery mode in an asian language like japanese, chinese, thai…). Then, the one used in the console when you’re out of the recovery mode is more complete.

It would be worth reporting the issue, though it’s probably not specific to Ubuntu Mate and would need to be fixed upstream.

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Sorry that didn’t provide this information right away

Release 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus) 64-bit
Kernel Linux 4.4.0-62-generic x86_64
MATE 1.12.1
Intel® HD Graphics 530, drivers whatever system provides by default

Exactly, I’m trying to implement Update Guide and suddenly reveal this issue with characters… I can’t complete dpkg because for some crazy reason that part of the step is translated 0_0 despite I never tried to do any localization besides keyboard layout and time zone)))

I’m trying to start recovery mode as it is and never expected it to be in other than English language. I’ve done in before on 15.10 and quite surprised this time.

Well, I haven’t tried it myself, I’m not sure if the recovery mode can be launched in another language than english, it’s just that this kind of display issue usually happens when a font lacks the characters needed. As in console mode you were in russian, I assumed that you had run the whole procedure in russian. If that’s not the case, I don’t know what could trigger this but I’d be highly surprised if it was a graphic driver issue.

I feel like it’s gonna be easier to do a fresh install after 16.04.2 will become available for download.
As a new linux user I’m surprised how system can get messed up after a series of it’s own updates … almost like windows))

Hi @Diplomat,

assuming you are trying to install the Russian language pack(s), do the following, start in recovery mode and activate the network (network cable connection required), once the network is active, drop to root and enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install language-pack-gnome-ru language-pack-gnome-ru-base

Restart with Ctrl + Alt + Del!. :smiley:

=) My point is that I never tried to install any language packs that is why I was so surprised to see evidence of such attempts especially in that “deep” part of the system. Only localization I have - keyboard layout. I keep getting new craziness form the system after new updates.

Thanks for reply

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HI @Diplomat,

exactly what did you make changes to in the language settings?, did you install any language packs at all?, what local format did you set your system to use?.

See the language guide, there maybe something there you can use; or something you overlooked?: