Remix um 18.04 change the user, password, and home dir name

good day

is there an easy way to rename your home directory. i have an image of a laptop i have modified.
i installed it on another laptop of the same kind. fixed the uuid so it boots.
now i would like to change the user, password, and home dir name with out losing anything?

There is a tutorial on it here:

thank you steve
i read the link and did some more research, and tried somethings got it the way it should be
but some of the install programs couldn't find the old home directory . then this morning it would not take my new password so i am of the opinion that trying to do this is more trouble that it is worth and problems that could arise in the future.

Sorry to hear that Klein.

Thinking about it, one possible solution, for future reference, is to make a new account with your preferred account name. Then, using caja as admin, copy all of your key files and folder from your original account folder to the your account folder folder. Then log in under your new account and check everything is working. If it is, then you can, as admin, delete your original account

that was my thinking before reading all the post about usermod and how it works groups also seem to cause a problem, and still doesn't solve the problem with installed programs that use the correct name instead of $HOME in there config files .
has anyone tried to use this , looks interesting