Remove desktop icons

I dragged some folders to my desktop to make them easier to access.

I want to delete them, but if I do the whole directory goes to the trash.

How can I delete them without deleting the directory ?


Hi @Andy_K,

open your home folder and locate where you dragged the folders from in the first place and drag them back!. problem solved!. :smiley:

In the future, right click a folder and "Make Link" and drag the newly created link to the desktop!. :smiley:


Hi @Andy_K ,

Chances are @wolfman has the solution because when you initially dragged the folder, it was probably moved. However, if that folder was located in some places, like on your network, you may have made a copy of the folder at that time, instead of moving it.

I thought this was worth mentioning, just in case. :slight_smile:


When i want a folders or document on my desktop i create a symbolic link. That gives me access to the folder or file…but the link can be deleted without touching the actual folder or file.

For example, if i wanted to have my Documents folder on the Desktop I would open the terminal and simply go to the Desktop directory…
cd ~/Desktop

…from there i would type…
ln -s ~/Documents

I’m always asking for help…it’s good to be able to add something to a discussion for a change :slight_smile: