Rename file veracrypt

Hi i updated to Ubuntu Mate 20.04 and now when i try to re-name an item on my USB hard drive in Veracrypt i get a notice saying- THE ITEM COULD NOT BE RENAMED The name is already used in this folder Please use a different name.
It lets me re-name files on the partition that is not encrypted so i presume its a veracrypt problem any ideas?

Hi Michael, welcome,
Have you updated Veracrypt version to 20.04? Here. Other possibility is you're been renaming to an existing file name. Be sure of it, or perhaps you're using it or opened, for example with photo viewer. If you delete a file with this name and then rename other file with same name, can re-mount crypt partition and try again.


Thanks for the help i re-installed with the new 20.04 veracrypt version rebooted and it seems to have sorted itself out now. All is good thanks