Rename file with double click?

In Windows and Nemo (Cinnamon), it is possible to rename files by double clicking on a file slowly. Is it possible with Caja / Ubuntu Mate?

Having looked at the options, I don’t think it is.
Caja supports python extensions so my guess is it can be hacked together.
If you really care about that feature you should comment on the feature request already submitted on the github repo of caja. It hasn’t been very favorably considered as of now.
I kind of agree with them that click to select then hitting F2 is quite fast enough already, but to each his own. :)


That is unfortunate. Thanks for the github link.

I understand soft88dvd0000 wishes this feature.
Perhaps this could be an interesting idea for wishlist: Select files to rename > press F2 > type in the new name, automaticly numbered.