Rename Multiple Files at Once

Hi folks

Does anyone know how to rename multiple files at once?
I done seem to be able to do it, the rename option when I right click the rename option is greyed out. F2 doesn't work either.

I can rename single files no problem.

It seems that caja-rename is already installed on Ubuntu Mare 19.10 but I still don't have the option to rename multiple files.


Do you have permission to rename the files in the first place? Because that would be the only reason why you would not have access to that option.

Yes I do, even if I created a folder on the desktop and put some new files in there it doesn't work.
I got done what I was trying to via the command line but it was a bit of a pain.

Yeah something here isn't adding up. Because in a live session and on my current installation I am able to use Caja's batch renaming features.

Yes seems strange, I'll try a live session too and see what happens.

Remember; you have to Ctrl-click to select multiple. Lasso select should also work.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
#Kim Briggs 2004-10
# RENAME files with new TEXT NAME having NUMBERS FIRST.
# Allows for adding 1-off names and keeping order.
# No photo alterations.

#Initialize counter
$i = 1;

#Get the new base name of photos
print "Base name of photos (no ext): ";
chomp($basename = <>);

#Load all jpgs into an array.  Remove trailing line feed.
@pix = `ls *.JPG *.jpg`;

foreach $pix (@pix) {
   chomp $pix;

   if ($i < 10)
      {$newname = "0".$i."-".$basename.".jpg";}
   elsif (($i >= 10) && ($i < 100))
      {$newname = $i."-".$basename.".jpg";}
   else {warn "Number of files out of range.";}

   #Use system command to rename file.
   system 'mv', $pix, $newname;

   $i = $i+1

You might want to double check caja-rename is enabled, as it's an extra (optional) piece of functionality.

Edit → Preferences → Extensions tab

I just noticed there's two "Rename" options in the context menu... one is provided by the extension:


I cant believe I was so dumb and missed the 2nd rename option!
Thats it!
I just kept looking at the top one and was blind to the 2nd one.