Replacement for Windows Calendar?

Is there a good Linux replacement for Windows Calendar? I need something that has pop up reminders without my having to open up the calendar. Right now I’m using the Thunderbird calendar, but I have to actually have Thunderbird open in order for the reminders to come up. Having to remember to run Thunderbird in order to ensure that I get my calendar reminders partially defeats the purpose of setting the reminders in the first place.

Do what I do and have Thunderbird automatically load and minimise to the system tray on login. It just sits there with either a little envelope if all messages are read and there are no notifications outstanding. But, the envelope turns to a little square with a number on it according to how many messages are sitting there unread as they come in. Although I have not used its calendar feature, I imagine it will notify you of upcoming events.

You need to install the "Firetray" plugin in Thunderbird for it to be able to sit in the system tray (though it may even be pre-installed now I think). Then go to preferences and set to start minimised to the system tray, minimise to the system tray and close to the system tray. Then include it in your startup apps list.

See below:

Be aware, however, it gobbles up around 280 MB of your RAM when running and, irrespective of it sitting unobtrusively in the system tray, it is still running. So, don't do the above trick if you are running your machine on a tight amount of RAM.


Ah, my system only has 4GB of RAM. Will that be enough to not cause a problem in MATE? I like the solution, but I don't want to slow my computer down anymore than necessary.

4 Gigs will be absolutely fine. You wont notice it. Like I said, it only uses up around 1/4 of a gig

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Note that development of Firetray is discontinued, so future updates to Thunderbird might break it.

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I don’t know Windows calendar. However, if the need is for a calendar you can add the Lighting extension to Thunderbird. Another option is to use Evolution.

If you’re looking for something like Rainlendar, Chaos Manager, EssentialPIM; well Rainlendar is avalable for Linux too. You can use Google Calendar + Google Calendar Checker.
There’s Borg Calendar that runs on Java (so it’s like portable). Notice that I use Oracle Java so it may not work with the default java (supposedly it does).

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I’ts currently still working. but thanks for the heads up on that.

Well, that kind of bites. Thanks for the heads up though.

@malwaredpc, thanks for the recommendations. Rainlendar looks interesting; I'll definitely keep it under consideration since Firetray could eventually stop working.