Request for help - ISO QA testing & API (ie. download my test results)

This is a request for help; I'm probably asking in the wrong place (so apologies!). Move/delete as appropriate.

I'm asking here hoping someone knows how to download from their test results. I don't want to upload anything (I'll use a browser for that).

My first request on Ubuntu Forums (How to use the Ubuntu QA-Tracker API to read/download tests for a testcase/milestone) hasn't got a response; and I've noted Ubuntu-MATE has some really active testers - thus my request-for-help here :slight_smile: Hopefully one of you uses, or has used the feature I want to use :slight_smile:

From Ubuntu Forums

I want to download my QA-testing results (particularly comments, but bug numbers would be great too), but have had no luck trying to use the example code found on (or the code it points to found at

As I don't code in python, it's possible it could be something simple, but I get either errors or no results.

Does anyone have a simple script that they can provide to me that will download a users (ie. mine) QA-tests recorded for a testcase (eg. Lubuntu 19.10 all, or just 'live session' tests). I only want to read data so I don't need authentication, and I'm hoping to get it in a series of small text files, OR a large text file, I can grep to extract what I need.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping a Ubuntu-MATE QA-tester already uses this feature; and I'd really appreciate a copy of your script (minus any authentication used of course)

With much thanks, Chris.
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