[Request] Tutorial on local Gogs installation for single-user development

Not sure if this is the best place to post it, but I’m requesting a tutorial on Gogs binary installation.


Mandatory: A Gogs binary installation, not an installation from source.
Preferable: Nginx, instead of Apache, and postgres instead of MySQL.

Specific Requests

I’m particularly in need of a tutorial that doesn’t try to bloat the installation with other packages, but keeps it pure with just the Gogs binary, the webserver and the database. This is the trouble I’ve been having with available tutorials on the web. They aren’t many, but the few there are just want you to install a bunch of needless stuff and focus entirely on team usage.

Target Audience

The tutorial would be aimed at lone-wolf developers, wishing to make a local installation of a simple but full featured issue-tracking solution that integrates well with git, but that is meant to be run offline by just a single person.

TT&T is a place to post a tutorial and not really meant to be used as a request service. We have a forum to post mate related request/suggestions, but this is not meant to cover tutorial request either. So with that in mind, your post has been moved to “Uncategorized”.

Good luck