[Resolved] Dropbox indicator icon gone in top pannel

Hi good people of Ubuntu MATE.

I’m new and I love it.

One problem : I installed Dropbox from the Software Boutique, so the Caja Dropbox. It installed and run fine. But after a reboot, the Dropbox icon was gone from the top bar menu.

Any clue how to fix this ?


You can manually edit MATE’S application menu by right clicking the applications icon and selecting “Edit Menus” from the list.

I'm talking about the top pannel, where the Dropbox indicator should appear, alongside the Sound, Bluetooth, etc. applets.

I changed the subject topic. I guess it was not clear enough.

Ok… Those are your panel indicators. In your OP you described it as a menu. Is the Dropbox service running? it will need to in order show as an indicator.

In other words, you may need to add a Dropbox entry in “Startup Applications” located within MATE’S “Control Center”.

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No, Dropbox does not seem to be an active process.

I know where in the Control Center to add startup applciations, but I just don’t know how to add Dropbox…

  1. Open “Startup Applications” within Control Center.
  2. Under “Startup Programs” select “Add” on right.
  3. Name= Dropbox.
  4. Command (should be) dropbox -or- you may need to select browse and locate Dropbox in /usr/bin.

Quick fix known to work: Paste this into the terminal: $ caja-dropbox autostart y

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So strange…

It doesn’t work either. Even by adding caja-dropbox in usr/bin.

Thanks !

That worked.

caja-dropbox autostart y

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