(resolved) Tranfers my own picture

Hello, My first post are resolved yesterday....
I have a new trouble concerning just my own (45)picture in my key USB
When I connect my Key , it's impossible to move all ,one by one with my mouse who became the new wallpaper, (not the wallpaper 7 seven penguins original for mate)
When I eject my key USB all my own picture not stay in wallpaper "background"?
Can you explain what can I do the help about this trouble? When I open my Key USB for move this trouble for new the wallpaper ... thanks :upside_down_face:

It was a bit tricky, but I think I figured out what you are talking about.

I have posted about wallpapers on removable media in the past. Please see: Bug in backgrounds - #6 by gordon. Basically, copy the wallpaper(s) over to a "local" folder like Pictures first, then set the wallpaper in Pictures as your desktop background.

I hope that's the question you wanted answered.