Restore open windows after a computer shutdown

This may be difficult to explain.

The scenario is that I shutdown the computer while there are open programs, for example:

a minimized terminal
a document I am working on
gimp open as well

Is there a method to have all those windows open again with their respective file, etc. after a return from a shutdown?

(I ask for your undestanding. Because of frequent neck and back pain, I have some memory problems.)

Shutdown means a clean start up. Provision a sufficiently large swap partition and hibernate instead.


For my needs, sleeping would be better as using Ram is much faster.

And I have a battery backup.

This should work (I think):

open dconf-editor and navigate to /org/mate/desktop/session

As far as I know, the setting auto-save-session should do what you want


Thanks tkn.

I appreciate the time and effort you took.