Rk hunter warning after upgrading to 16.04

After following the instructions from a thread here yesterday, I have 16.04 running. However just running my regular scripts for checking updates, scans, etc., I found that rk hunter reports a warning about /usr/bin/lwp-request.

I was just wondering if it significant and why the difference to 15.10 where it wasn’t reported?



Hi @Brianrh,

does this help?:

Thanks for that Wolfman.

I don’t fully understand the technicalities of it all but I can see why this probably happens.

That’s the problem for us newbies in that we can follow instructions from a web page, not fully understand what we are doing and fully not understand what error messages mean when they occur even when we search for the meaning on Google. That’s when we rely on good people like yourself to put us right.

Thanks again.


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