Root backup with deja-dup?

I have more than 1 user on my system and want to backup all /home files. How do I do this and save the output to my NAS?

Please state which version of Ubuntu MATE you are using.

Thanks for the guidelines. I am using UbuntuMATE 16.04 on a 64 bit pc. I have tried several times to run as root but always get errors or output to a file but not NAS. I can successfully run in as normal user with only my files but I want to backup other users file3s also.

I’ve set up a backup script for multiple users on my Ubuntu Mate 15.10 that is pretty basic.

First i login as root to create the directory /usr/backups and set it to give myself privileges to write into the directory (then i logout from root).

I then made a simple bash like this:

#! /bin/bash
zip -ur /usr/backups/ /home/bob
zip -ur /usr/backups/ /home/tom

As you can see, this will simply update the zip files with changed or new files from the designated user home directories.

Then i sync those zip files that reside on my machine to an online server via rsync with:

#! /bin/bash
rsync -avz /usr/backups/ [email protected]:/usr/backups

Thanks for the reply, not as easy as I had hoped but it looks doable. The other option I guess is to use clonezilla and image the whole disk so if a reinstall was necessary I could do the whole disk at once. I will have to give this some thought Thanks for the input.