RPI 2 ubuntu mate home file server?

Hi there everyone
I´m making my way into the rpi2 linux world, bought the rpi2 because I wanted to create a home file server, from which I could stream my music via the phone to a renderer and film to my smart tv, from external harddisks.
But I´ve been boxing my way into the tasks of mounting, apt-getting, samba- and webmin-ing…and so forth, it´s not very
straight forward that linux thing…been watching a lot of you tube vids, and reading a lot of guides, getting closer I think, but still, you know.

Any of you outthere who can point me to a bulletproof newbie recipe for a server with four external harddrives attached via usb to the rpi2 which can be seen in windows as well, reading, creating, deleting & moving files back and forth on the network between devices and streaming via dlna…I guess that pretty much wraps it up, what I like to do, really.

Any help - whatsoever - is highly appreciated, thnx in advance.


Well, a very simple approach for sharing files is to use the Caja Samba plug-in:

sudo apt-get install caja-share

Samba (SMB) is a protocol compatible with Windows Networks and even Android devices with file managers capable of it.

I’m not too knowledgeable with other tools I’m afraid - I just SSH into other local computers and use SFTP for transferring files. :smile:

Open Media Vault, a NAS distro based on Debian, has an image for the Pi 2.

I’d look into that platin, but I surprise I most have samba installer forstår, before I can installeret and use Caja?

Thanks I’ll try it out.

Bit of a translation error - but I think I know what you mean.

Caja is the name for Ubuntu MATE’s file manager, installing caja-share enables the functionality to the right click menu, as illustrated in this post. There is a stand-alone Samba utility as well to manage file shares, samba and gadmin-samba (a frontend), should you choose to use Ubuntu MATE.

@Wimpy’s suggested distro is better suited for your needs. :slight_smile:

Looking into this, too, and it seems to me that the OpenMediaVault is a very attractive alternative compared to other application bundles I’ve found sofar.

Downloading the Raspberry Pi Image file right now, though maybe there’s a soul out there willing to compile the source code and prepare an installation package for UbuntuMATE :wink:

Just to add to my previous post, I’ve found some instruction notes on the Raspberry PI NAS with OpenMediaVault installation and other “picture based instructions” in Installing and Configuring OVM for the Raspberry Pi.

Will give a try with this starting info next week to which extent I can get it accomplished…

If you have Any Lucky With omv, please let me know, I tried to install it on a minibian platform, but it got to “terminal-apt-get-nano-/etc/fstab” - ish nerdy, so I kind of gave up on it…

If I get it right I will post a tutorial on (but that May be some time in 2050, kind of…)

good Lucky omv-ing

hey i am using my raspberry pi 2 with ubuntu mate for a torrent downloader i have 4 hard drives that are 3tb each on the unit i am currently accessing the device from every computer on the network please get back to me and i can possibly help you out

not willing to write everything in here as it will take me to long

Hey there Kryptico
I am currently having difficulties concerning MATE claiming more space on the så care in the Pi and also a lot errors when apt-getting for instanse minidlna.
Otherwise tings runs fairly smooth.
Actually considdering redning the whole thing using minibian instead. /Morten

Hi there Kryptico

How are things going? and happy new year.
Did you get yout torrent downloader uo and running, you mentioned that I could get back to you,
perhaps you could help out, still trying to make a raspberry pi2 file server.


hey happy new year sorry i dont check my email to often so did not see your message

but yes im running a torrent server with a built in sftp server i run it 24/7 with an external hard drive i have done port forwarding on the unit and am able to access it from the outside no issues

i have skype so that is the best way to speak to me

if you have it or can get it send me over your info and i will add u