RPi 3B Ubuntu Mate 18.04 Power Off


I’m trying to totally poweroff the RPi but it never turns off the power indicator light. I’ve found the command to do it but it doesn’t seem to work on Ubuntu Mate or something. I’ve tried poweroff, shutdown -P now, and nohup. I also enabled pi-top to access the power off feature but that does not appear to turn off the power when using battery.


The red light? From what i know that will never close.


Frank …
the red light remains on as long as the pi has power. The blinking yellow/green will stop if there is no disk activity.


Here’s what I found on the Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 running on the Raspberry Pi 3 page, link below.

Forked and adapted raspi-config to Ubuntu.

  • Added pi-top brightness and power-off support

I thought that meant the RPi would power off the board to save battery.


So, I assume power-off support only terminates the OS and leaves the hardware operational until the battery runs out? Is there a way for org.mate.power-manager to be configured for an installed UPS HAT?