Samba 4.3.8 issue after today's update

Today Apr 18, samba 4.3.8 was updated. As as result, I cannot access any of my shares from Linux. All prompt me for user/pw even though all shares are 777 in my home network, smb.conf has [public], path = /mnt/public, writable = yes, guest ok = yes. I can access the shares from Windows (xp, 7, 10). This samba config was working last night. Is there a new option I need to add to the [global] section?


Which version of UM are you using?

I’m using Ubuntu Mate 15.10, I have a 16.04, and a 14.04 as well. All of them have this issue, last night I got on the #samba channel and was told it is the There must be an option to add the the smb.conf … else I would have to rollback to samba 4.3.6

ps. I tried to reply via email but it bounced … Wimpy mentioned that he changed email carriers.