Samsung M2835 refuses to print after I thought the drivers were installed

I’m back again with the same problem, print jobs get stuck in print queue. I can’t get anything to print, a saved .odt or a new one. I followed the instructions from the post I posted here. I thought I installed the right drivers from Samsung with help from this forum. I must have done something wrong. Here is what I did:

Print test Page…nothing
View Print Queue… Message is, Job 67 Pending
Highlight Job 67
Click Green Arrow (Reprint)… nothing
I made a new document as a test… nothing
Other Messages I have seen are: Waiting for Printer to become available.

I need help, Please. Also Please don’t assume I know something.

Thank You All

A couple of questions for you, - we would need more information from you first.

  1. Is your printer connected directly to your computer/laptop? If yes, by what cable type?
  2. Is your printer connected to your computer via your local network? If yes, can you ping the device IP address?

I would strongly recommend you clear down your print queue before trying further, - you mentioned Job 67, which may mean there are other jobs blocking that event from being properly processed.

No assumptions are being made as to your knowledge, but at the same time, at least meet us half way by being methodical and logical in the information you provide, - it makes a huge difference in terms of getting the help you need. :slight_smile:


It’s connected via USB.

I don’t know how to ping for the IP address.

That number 67 is just the number of times I have printed something. Next print job will be 68 if I can get it to print…


Okay thanks, if you’re connected via USB you wouldn’t have a local IP assigned to the device.

If you have a mix of USB 2.0 and USB 3.x ports on your machine, I’d try switching to a USB 2.0 port (usually white, the v3 ones are usually blue) and reboot. Currently it looks as if the printer isn’t being fully detected.

Once you’ve done this, open a terminal and type


This should output information on what’s connected to your USB ports. If your printer isn’t showing up there, you would need to review your driver setup again. Sorry this isn’t easier, - things are getting better, but occasionally you need a little tweaking to get things working from some manufacturers. (I have a Samsung ML2525W laser printer connected via my router and it works flawlessly, if your printer has the option to connect to your local area network via ethernet cable, I’d strongly recommend taking that option).

Let us know how you get on, and keep the faith :slight_smile:

[quote=“matetwo, post:3, topic:13033”]I don’t know how to ping for the IP address.[/quote]If it is connected via USB, it is not connected a network device and consequently will not have an IP. So, no need in that case.

And for future reference it might help if, in the case you make a new topic, you refer to any previous topics that refer to the same situation. So as to help a newcomer to your situation to become aware of all details.

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Hello BrokenCanoe, Thanks for the quick reply. The USB is in a 2.0 port. The USB list does not show a USB for Samsung like it does for my old Brother printer, that I use for a backup. I looked on the back of the Samsung printer and there is a ethernet port there.

How do I go about hooking it up? I have a cat 5 cable pluged in to the router as of now.


[quote=“matetwo, post:6, topic:13033”]How do I go about hooking it up? I have a cat 5 cable pluged in to the router as of now.[/quote]You would hook up the printer to another device, such as the router (assuming the router supports that functionality) and then on your Ubuntu machine, you would Add a new printer (Printers -> Add -> Network printer -> Find network printer -> enter the router’s IP as host and click Find).

AFAIK anyhow, never used a printer in that fashion.

Anyhow, different question – Does the printer work properly via USB on Windows? And do the USB ports on your Ubuntu machine work properly with other devices? Just to rule out hardware issues.

1Q7’s answered the question partially already, - most routers have a combined switch functionality, so once you plug it in with another Cat5 (ethernet) cable, it will assign it an internal IP address.

To get this IP address, look at the IP for your machine, it will be within that range, so if your machine is, the printer might be, I’ve added my own Samsung ML2525W printer this way without issue, using the same method 1Q7 suggested, although I entered the IP for the printer directly, instead of just pointing it to my router (because I knew the printers address from pinging it.)


Am I looking for a private or public IP address? Where do I look?



I got my IP address…Now what do I do?


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