Scaling seems off

Hello everyone. I'm trying Ubuntu mate, and i have a weird problem. it seems like scaling is quite off. it happens on discord and firefox especially. the scale seems to be at like 125% all the time. firefox buttons and tabs seems to be bigger than they are supposed to be.

anything there's to do? if it matters, i have nvidia gpu

EDIT: for comparison , ubuntu MATE:

Manjaro MATE:

Welcome! I'm going to guess the font DPI is larger then normal. You can check or adjust this value in :control_center: Control Centre:appearance: Appearance (Look & Feel)Fonts tab → "Details" button:

The DPI is normally 96 for a regular 1920x1080 (1080p) display (as suggested by your screenshot), try changing this value.

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Follow @lah7 advise, if the DPI value is correctly set than there is also the possibility that you have the window zoomed on the Ubuntu MATE install.

You could check this by using Ctrl and - in Firefox. If that works you can reset that page by using Ctrl and 0

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