Screen blanks every 15min of inactivity

Under Screensaver I have it set to be idle at 2 hours. Under Power Management, the On AC Power tab, I have both Actions and Display set to Never. What am I doing wrong? Is there another setting to change? Thanks.

Edit: I'm using nvidia's 515 driver with an RTX 3060.
Edit2: Couldn't find anything relevant in Nvidia X Server Settings either.
Edit 3: After a reboot the problem seems solved. I changed nothing else.

That's great you solved the problem. I understood that you meant you had the screensaver to become active after 2 hours, rather than "idle"... anyway, good for you. I'm still configuring my screensaver settings and I'll let you know if I have to do a reboot for them to take effect.

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Hey, I'm sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I tried it on the 2 hour setting as you described, twice, went to bed, and woke up with no screensaver showing. I then set it to 5 minutes and still no screensaver appeared, even after a reboot as you described.

The checkbox setting I needed to click, I've highlighted here, and then a reboot was required. My Power Management Settings are both set to "Never" as yours are...

It's probably a mute point now, but this is the radio check-box I'm referring to:

I thought I'd just add this for completion, and in case anybody else is having difficulty configuring their screensaver. Mine's working fine after 5 minutes of my computer idling, after ticking that box, and a system reboot.


Thanks @jaydee ! That worked for me as well, I had to untick that box. I rebooted right after, and haven't had an issue since. :slight_smile:

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