Screen fonts have gone "micro" since Ubuntu Mate 16.10

I recently installed Ubuntu Mate 16.10. At first I thought it was my eyesight, but I’m now convinced it’s real. The font size on every application as well as the opening screen has gone down and in some cases (this site for example) I almost need a magnifying glass to read iit. Any suggestions to return the font to its proper size will be appreciated. Thank you.

Have you checked the font size in the settings on 16.04 as compared to 16.10? I do not doubt your impression. but it would be good to nail this down with evidence.

Is this a new computer or did you have a chance to test 16.04 on it?
If it’s new maybe it’s due to an hidpi screen or such.

Edit: btw you can zoom firefox using CTRL++.

I suppose listing all of the reasons for smaller items on a display might be a good idea here:

Different monitor with different default display settings

Different OS’s with different default display settings

Different font (and other desktop UI items) size settings within a given OS

In specific applications, different display zoom settings

Thanks for all your suggestions. In order

stevecook - I’m sorry I didn’t take note of these settings in 16.04. In my innocence I thought they would remain the same when I upgraded to 16.10

euromov - No it’s not a new computer or screen. It hashads successive upgrades of ubuntu since about 14.04 and up to now there has been no change,

stevecook, 2nd contribution - I’m sure you’re abso;utely right on these reasons. It’s just a pity I didn’t notice them between Ubuntu versions. As I said above, in my innocence I didn’t think that things like that would change! i’lve been experimenting but so far with only limited syuccess, I’ll keep trying!

Thanks for your comments.


In case relevant, I've noticed unusual font rendering in 16.10, fonts becoming tiny, or large, plus normal size fonts in most places but extremely large desktop font (unless renaming a file). Seems to happen while using a NVIDIA GPU with propriety driver.

One thing to check...
Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts (tab) -> Details (lower right button)

make sure DPI resolution is set to 96

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I still don’t know whether it’s my eyesight or not, but things seem to have returnrd miraculously to normal. Maybe it’s something I did in response to your suggestions. Thanks a lot!