Screensaver during full screen applications


I had this issue before some many months ago and it disappeared, however after two lots of upgrades in which I kept the same configuration as the option during install, it has come back, the screensaver is coming on when the Firefox is set to full screen for playing a video, even though I turned the option on for ignoring during full screen. Any ideas? As I recall Ubuntu was installed and then Mate afterwards on original install two versions ago.

I use an app called Caffeine. Caffeine in Launchpad

You can set it to detect flash video or to activate when certain programs are running, like mplayer, vlc, etc. It will also put a little coffee mug icon in the notification area, clicking the mug will activate the app.

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Thanks I'll look up caffeine, I wonder if this has anything to do with my screensaver issue

What the heck is going on here? Do you really expect to get technical support advice for an XFCE desktop on an Ubuntu MATE forum? Did you mix and match components of XFCE and MATE? I'm confused.

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That's a good point, though I had forgotten I switched to XFCE, I did have MATE before, which is interesting because I can't remember why MATE was a problem and lead me back to XFCE,

There are a lot of stories/posts out there on how much lighter and faster XFCE is than Mate. Maybe you thought that would be true?
Myself, I have never seen a noticeable difference, and I personally find Mate much easier to customize to my liking than XFCE.

Well if you're running XFCE entirely instead of MATE, and you're not even doing this on an Ubuntu MATE base system but a stock Ubuntu system -- then I'm sorry, but this topic is outside of my league at least. This is a MATE-centric community, and I don't have nearly as much knowledge about XFCE as I do about MATE.

You can continue trying to get help here, but your chances of getting help here regarding this issue are pretty slim, if history is any good benchmark.

I've installed mate and its working ok except for two problems on startup, I'll post tomorrow, but the screensaver problem has gone.

OK well after running MATE this evening I have possibly discovered why MATE didnt work out so well before, the computer makes a weird high pitched whistling noise when certain usb setups are around.