Sddm instead of lightdm?

Even if sddm uses qt it is much more like the old gdm than the current lightdm. Lightdm does force a certain look of the login screen that is neutral but not customizable at all.

Only Arctica greeter lacks a GUI. It should be easy to switch to gtk-greeter or slick-greeter. They both have customization GUIs with lots of options.

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Norbert has written up an excellent tutorial on how to revert to slick-greeter.


I could return to the greeter of focal? That would have been the less complicated option indeed.

Well sddm runs too..

However using lightdm just with another gtk based greeter is the more recommended way.

In the past i used mint display manager (gdm2?) even on 18.04. But nowadays except gksu
i try to use newer software if possible.

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I'm using the Arctica greeter. I've kept some informal notes for my own use to keep track of customizations I've made, one of which was to change the background of the login screen. It's not that complicated:

  1. In /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas, create an override file; I called mine 40_arctica-greeter.schema.override

  2. In that file, specify your desired background. I used:


  1. Recompile the schemas:
    sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

Someone has written a GUI to accomplish this in another thread since I wrote myself these notes. See GUI to Change Background Arctica Greeter (Login Screen) on Ubuntu-MATE 22.04