Second monitor issue with Raspberry Pi4

Raspberry Pi4
Ubuntu server 19.10
Ubuntu Mate desktop

We are having an issue getting the second monitor to run correctly with Mate. Both monitors are standard Dell 24" and the second monitors screen is blank. The second monitor does not go to sleep so it seems as if the Pi4 is doing something to keep the monitor active. We have seen many threads dealing with getting the second monitor going so I was hoping someone could clue us in to the relationship between version of Pi firmware and which Linux flavor you run.

Back in July last year this thread seemed to indicate that a rpi-update helped resolve the issue. Because rpi-update seems to be a Raspbian command, I don't think this is relative to Ubuntu Mate.

This brief thread wants berryboot but that is a nogo.

This thread is using the tvservice command to troubleshoot the issue but this command is not native to the Pi4 Ubuntu Mate build.

Does Ubuntu Mate 19.10 lock a specific version of the Pi4's firmware? Can we check the current firmware revision to see if we are behind?

Any help is appreciated.

There is a 'rpi-eeprom' command for Raspbian. If we install it, will Ubuntu Mate overide the latest firmware?


The issue is related to having an overlay in the config files. I found the answer here:

I modified the /boot/firmware/syscfg.txt(sudo -e /boot/firmware/syscfg.txt) and added the following line:


On a side note I have been able to update the firmware by booting Raspberry OS, running the firmware upgrade and then simply booting the Ubuntu Mate sdcard.