Server (2 Intel 2.67ghz CPU with 32gb of memory)


I have what the new topic shows. My question is will Ubuntu Mate works as a Server? And it has a Raid controller. Right now I have no Hard Drive’s for it yet. You ask why where I got the Server it came without HD but it can take’s 5 SATA drive’s total. Any help will be great.


Hi Jack,

not too sure about Ubuntu Mate but Ubuntu Server will work!:

See also:

The nature of Linux/Ubuntu is that you can completely customize it to your needs.

You can install Ubuntu MATE and then any additional server packages you may need on top (for example, tasksel is used on Ubuntu Server for choosing purposes - ie. web server, mail server, etc)

:arrow_right_hook: Or the other way round: Install Ubuntu Server as base and then install mate-desktop (for a barebones MATE desktop) or ubuntu-mate-desktop (with Ubuntu MATE’s branding and such) providing the desktop environment.

Prior to 12.04, the server edition had an optimised kernel, but that’s no longer the case, as both editions run the same kernel.

Some may say it’s better for a dedicated server to not run a graphical interface, so there’s less overhead (mainly CPU here, 32 GB certainly is plenty of room)

So to answer the question, yes, Ubuntu MATE will function fine as a server, providing you know what you need. Otherwise, there may be other distros specialized for this purpose - like mentioned, Ubuntu Server or even OpenMediaVault (not tried, but it’s based on Debian like Ubuntu)