Set Firefox 47 to manual update


I am running Ubuntu Mate 16.4 on a Raspberry Pi. All the updates are running on manual, since the internetconnection costs 1 cent per megabyte. Only firefox updates fully automatically, consuming traffic volume and money. I would like to set it to manual update (Means, I get notified that a new version is available).

Currently, I have set about:config app.update.enabled and to false, and yet the system automatically downloaded the Firefox 47 update.

Which settings do I need to change?

Hi @Justsomeone,

take a few minutes to read through the update guide and check your settings about updating and maybe installing/using Synaptic (I don’t know if it works with Raspi?):

Hi @wolfman
@Justsomeone’s problem is not with system updates
Firefox has a self-update capacity and apparently ignores it’s own config file.
Not sure if it’s a bug or what.
I’m afraid it might be a feature cause I just checked in Preferences -> Advanced -> Updates and There is no option to control automatic update of the program, only of the search engines.

And I just checked and this is not specific to FF47, I just updated my laptop and I can confirm this was already the case in FF46

After installing Synaptic, look for "firefox" and then lock version, that's the easiest way I know!:

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