Setup wizard issues

I’m green around the gills when it comes to Linux in general so I apologize in advance for my ignorance. I recently acquired a rp2 with a 7" touch screen and installed Ubuntu mate 15.10 on my SD card but after booting the first time and going through the setup wizard the resolution wasn’t right and it didn’t display all the buttons so I skipped it (unfortunately) now I’m only able to get into guest mode… So after my rant(sorry btw) how can I re-enter the setup wizard while making sure the resolution is correct?

Again sorry for my ignorance but any help is greatly appreciated

Download the UbuntuMATE 15.10.1, image, reflash your SD card with the downloaded image, and run the installation setup again on your RPi 2 B device.

Not sure what happened during your install process, however the safe way is to start again :smiley: