Show borders for LibreOffice label

I need help with how to show the borders for a label for LibreOffice.

I need that because I sometimes print one label at a time and need to know which row I am on.

I used to print the borders, but they were fuzzy and not attractive.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hoping this helps you. I am running Version:

Assume you know the type of labels you are using so this is how I do it
Set up your choice of labels and click on new document and you should get a full page of blank labels with gridlines single label and choose which position of label you want to use off your sheet of labels. Gridlines should show up on screen and don't print when going through your printer.


When I used that, it did not offer a choice of what label I want which is the 5160.

I did find out that View and clicking the Table Boundaries box would show the lines.

Odd. Avery 5160 shows up on my list when I choose letter size as the first option.

I have no letter size option.

Can you choose Avery where Tower is?

Avery letter size in the options.
Then click on the box below and choose the 5160 in the list entitled Type and User.

Hope that gets you to the label you need.